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What Do We Mean By Rollerskate Specific Dimensions?

Custom Wheels Designed to Fit Roller-Skate Trucks

If you are familiar with riding skateboard wheels on narrow trucks, you may have noticed you are unable to properly screw the nut onto your truck. We specifically designed our wheel to allow more space on your Roller-Skate truck's axel.

Why Should I buy Last Supper Wheels Instead of Skateboard wheels?

Investing in the Roller-Skate Community

As a growing sport, it is important to invest in roller-skate owned brands to help grow our community. Last Supper was created to produce high quality wheels designed by a roller-skater, for roller-skaters. Our main goal is to invest into the community by creating media, events and ultimately creating more opportunities for skaters to make a living from the sport that we love.(i/e. pro models, jobs, etc.)

Bubbles. What Are they and does it affect performance?

High Quality Urethane & The Curing Process

Top end wheels are made from the highest quality urethane on the market. This specific urethane has exceptional grip while providing excellent rebound, yet remains stiff enough to deliver a quality roll. During the manufacturing process, wheels are poured very slowly due to the high viscosity urethane that is used. As it cures little air bubbles are caught in the wheel. These tiny air bubbles show up as "holes" when the wheels are trimmed.

Do not fret! The tiny "holes" from these bubbles do not affect the performance of the wheel.

FUN FACT! Those tiny bubbles confirm that Last Supper wheels are made from the highest quality urethane and that you are skating on the most advance formula.

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