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About Us

Last Supper was created by LJ Salazar and Shan Hernandez in Austin, Texas.

We saw a hole in the Roller-Skate community where skaters were buying skateboard wheels for their quad set up. Those same skateboard wheels were flying off of our friend's narrow trucks while they were skating and we saw a need to fix this issue. Our mission in starting Last Supper is to create high quality urethane wheels for Roller-Skaters with Roller-Skate truck sizes in mind. We also want to help grow the Roller-Skate community and that starts with investing in the community and the skaters.

Last Supper is all about making a space at the table and creating opportunities for skaters while marching to the beat of our own drum. We are Queer, Black/Hispanic & Latinx, Womxn and independently owned.

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