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'23 -'24 Team



Hi, @moc.o here. I'm a 32 year old mom, at this point I have skated almost 10 years, and it was love at first roll. Street is everything for me, I see it as a poetic way to get to know a city. I do a lot of different things, like fixing or building things, I teach myself new things just by doing them. I like to give all of myself even when there isn't any more to give, I like to push myself to go further.

Hola, acá @moc.o, soy una mamá de 32 años, a este momento llevo patinando alrededor de 10 años y fue amor a primera rolleada. La calle es todo para mi, una forma poetica de vivir la ciudad. Hago un montón de cosas, me gusta siempre aprender desde el hacer. Dar hasta lo que no hay, ir mas alla.



My name is Angel ‘KID QUAD’ Lopez. I’m from San Antonio, Texas. Back in 2018, there was this viral video circulating on Twitter of some College Students dancing in sync, moving through the crowd but, on skates? The whole place was lit up with multi-colored lights. The dance floor was huge but, just like a night club is was packed to the brim, everyone on skates. None of that mattered to the skaters. They moved effortlessly, gliding in sync, never missing a beat. I believe that’s when I got inspired to buy my first pair of roller skates. I was so excited to get as good as the people in that video, I must have went to skate at ‘The Rollercade’ at least once a week for a solid year. In 2019, shortly after finding a new pair of skates on Craigslist happens, I moved to Denver. I didn’t know a single person. Because of that, I would go out to the local Roller rinks almost every night. This is when I really got my skating locked in. There’s was a lot more rollerskating happening in this new place and I loved it. I constantly posted my new life on Instagram. Then comes, the first time someone reached out and invited me to the skate park. After that, game over. Yet again, I fell down the rabbit hole and never to want to go back to walking ever again.

Ava (She/Her) Missouri, USA


Holi! soy Caro Hernández, en ig @986_____ , vivo en Bogotá, pero amo viajar cada tanto a conocer nuevos lugares con mis patines! Amo deslizar, crear y fluir! La calle es un nuevo reto mental cada que ruedo, y me encanta descubrir cosas para hacer en 8 ruedas. Co-creadora de @hellonquads , sobre ruedas por +10 años, me encanta la música, historia y el diseño! 

Hi!! I'm Caro Hernández, also known as @986_____ , I live in Bogotá, but love to travel once in a while to new places with my skates! I love to slide, create and flow! Street is always a mental challenge, and I love to discover new things to do on 8 wheels. Co-creator of @hellonquads , been on wheels for +10 years, I love music, history and design!


Hey guys, my name is Dani or if you can keep up; Danitza Maldonado Acevedo. 

Una Puertorriqueña living her best life skating all over Florida. Literally all over. You can find me on Instagram as @Golddussst. I started park and street skating about 4 years ago now & I am undoubtably in love. My soul can’t go no more than a few days without it. Lately I’ve been dedicating a lot of my time practicing grind variations on ledges & hopefully soon I can start incorporating that towards down rails. Lord knows I try to stay versatile but more importantly i try to stay grounded, have fun & help those around me. 


Hello, my name is Leonette and I like stunts. I've been skating for the past five years in Northern California. This pastime has satisfied every need and the adrenaline junkie in me craves and I am thankful for every day that I am able to do it.


Hi I'm Loren! I am 29 years old from Portland, OR. I grew up in the skate scene since my dad and uncle were skateboarders on Jaks Skate Team. I started roller skating in 2007 when I joined a junior roller derby league in Port Orchard, WA, and fell in love with roller derby. Then, I started dabbling in park/street skating in 2017 but didn't really hit it full send until the pandemic started. I am now a skate fiend. To me, skating is freeing, terrifying, exhilarating, and rewarding, just always remember to do it for the love of it. I've found the best community of people through skating who have become lifelong friends. Outside of skating I love hanging out with my wife and our dog.

Silvia (She/They) California/New York, USA

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