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Last Supper x Quantum Bearing Science: Metallic Series Bearings

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Elevate your skating with the Metallic Series Bearings, a cutting-edge collaboration between Last Supper and Quantum Bearing Science. Engineered for high-impact street and park skating, these bearings feature precision chrome steel inner and outer rings, diamond-polished raceways, and a high-strength thermoplastic cage. Enhanced with Quantum's proprietary GraphFlo™ Ceramic technology, these bearings offer unparalleled performance and durability.

Why Last Supper and Quantum Bearing Science are Collaborating

Last Supper is known for its high-quality, innovative wheels designed specifically for roller skaters, while Quantum Bearing Science excels in creating scientifically advanced bearings using GraphFlo™ Ceramic technology. Together, they combine cutting-edge design and materials to enhance your skating experience, ensuring speed, durability, and precision. This collaboration reflects their shared commitment to quality, innovation, and the skating community.

Premium Quality Products at Affordable Prices

Both companies are dedicated to bringing you premium quality products at affordable prices. We understand that skaters often settle for cheap bearings that need frequent replacements. Our collaboration bearings are crafted to withstand the harshest conditions, meaning it’ll be a while before having to replace these babies. Designed for the grimmiest streets and toughest park sessions, these bearings are built to last.

Product Details:
- Includes: 16 bearings, 32 frictionless shields, 16 speed washers, and 6 stickers
- Features: High precision, GraphFlo™ Ceramic Technology and lubrication
- Design: Durable metal construction for extreme conditions

These bearings offer performance comparable to premium options with an MSRP of $99.95, delivering top-tier results backed by scientific innovation. At $59.95 for a 16-pack, you get premium quality and long-lasting performance.

Unleash your skating potential with the robust and scientifically advanced Metallic Series Bearings. 🫡

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