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Moco "La Solución" Pro T-Shirt (Black)

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Includes small details that Mocos brain cooked up, like putting the scientific element for concrete 🦺🚧, her rendition of the LS eye 👁️, and much more..

A note from Moco:

I created this digital collage: La Solución (The Solution) by mixing a digital photo I took with my hand writing and with pieces of paper I collected in the streets. 

"The center of this piece is a building that is in front of my house, I can see it from my sacred spot where I have my coffee and cigarettes."


I consistently look at this building and think "What's the solution? Where is it? Is it here? Is it there? In me or outside? Just in front of me? Do we even need a solution? Do have to find it or even search for it? 

Thankfully we have skating for that. 

These past years are filled with mixed emotions, and this piece is an art relief for me, so glad to be able to share a vulnerable piece of myself with you. 

Thank you for supporting me by buying my first pro product, you are helping me achieve goals and supporting my upcoming projects.

Love, Moco"

Designed by Moco herself, she will receive royalties from this product and remaining profits will go towards her next pro product 🫡

Every shirt purchase will come with 1 of 4 of Moco's Collectors Cards. 

100% Cotton, Unisex, Boxy fit, in Black

For Mocos signature oversized look make sure to go up a size 

Screen Printed Front & Back in Austin, TX

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